12 March 2014

Woman with vibrant skinThe brighter weather of recent days has brought hopes that spring might be with us and with it thoughts of how to freshen our skin ready for warmer times. Irish entertainment website TV3.ie has consulted an 'aesthetic medicine guru' to find out about one of the most popular ways of achieving this by having a Skin Peel. "Peels are an ideal solution for dull, lifeless skin, Hyperpigmentation, mild scarring and certain types of acne," Dr Vicky Dondos said.They work by removing dead skin cells, so stimulating the growth of the younger, healthier cells beneath, she added. Their exfoliation action also "promotes underlying collagen regeneration to reduce fine lines, refine pores, correct uneven skin texture and improve acne, acne scarring, facial blemishes and pigmentation", she said. Dr Dondos also assured that Skin Peels don't have negative side-effects directly after the treatment. "90 per cent of peels do not have any more downtime than a standard facial. "After a treatment your skin recovers quickly and although it may feel a little tight or dry for 48 hours it does not affect your daily life." -How will you choose to prepare your skin for spring? Let us know on Facebook.