10 July 2014

Women invest a lot of time in their grooming regime in fact, surveys reveal that the average woman spends 72 days of her life shaving her legs. This time can be greatly reduced by ditching the razor for Laser Hair Removal. You may have heard conflicting advice when it comes to this treatment, so one Doctor has decided to bust those Laser Hair Removal myths once and for all. Dr. Sanjiv Saini explains: It is interesting to hear all the myths and misconceptions that people have about laser hair removal. Yet, once people actually get it, they cant believe they waited so long. It offers long-lasting benefits and is a much easier treatment than you may think.   So how do you know what is myth and whats reality? Here are some common misconceptions: - Laser Hair Removal is painfulSome patients describe Laser Hair Removal as uncomfortable but contrary to what many people may think, this treatment will not cause you any pain. - One treatment is all thats neededAlthough Laser Hair Removal will greatly reduce the time you spend de-fuzzing, you will generally require a course of treatments to remove all of your unwanted hair. The amount of treatments necessary will vary on a case by case basis but this will be advised during your consultation. - Laser Hair Removal doesnt work for all skin tonesIt doesnt matter what skin tone you have Laser Hair Removal is suitable for a wide range of people. - Laser Hair Removal can only be used on certain hair typesMany people wrongly assume that Laser Hair Removal wont work on fine, light coloured hair but in actual fact, the treatment can be used on all hair types.   The Doctors final recommendation? Rather than rely on hear-say, book a consultation and talk to an expert about your Laser Hair Removal dilemmas. Have you ever used Laser Hair Removal to treat your unwanted hair? Send us a tweet with your thoughts on this treatment?