11 February 2014

Surgeon marking up woman patientWith demands for Cosmetic Surgical procedures and Non-Invasive Treatments on the increase, Dr Deepti Dhillon, a Cosmetic Dermatologist in New Delhi has given an interview, in which he uncovers some of the most common myths associated with the industry. Such myths include peoples assumption that once theyve undergone Cosmetic Surgery, their issue problem will be permanently solved, and popular belief that all procedures and treatments are painful.Dr Dhillon explains that in the case of Non-Invasive treatments, results are temporary, and patients will require a second or third visit six months to one year down the line, to get touch ups. He adds that Cosmetic Surgery will also have to be maintained, for example in the case of a Face Lift, the whole face sags with age over a period of time. Nothing is permanent as the face is constantly ageing so products like fillers have to be replaced after a year or two. He maintains the importance of choosing a medical professional who is specialised in the particular procedure, commenting, Youll be just fine in the hands of a well-trained expert. Have you got a Cosmetic Surgery myth that youd like us to bust? Let us know on Facebook or send us a tweet.