17 January 2014

Three myths surrounding breast implants and the ways in which they are affected by pregnancy and breast feeding have been explored, and dispelled, by a leading American doctor. Dr David Brothers, based in Atlanta, Georgia, says questions about pregnancy and breastfeeding are among the most common asked by women considering Breast Augmentation. So he has addressed the most common concerns, and demonstrated that they are all largely unfounded. He says that Breast Augmentation very rarely affects a woman's ability to breastfeed, with the implants having no bearing on the production of milk. He recommends, however, that a woman hoping to have children should mention this when discussing any Breast Surgery, "so that the appropriate surgical approach can be utilised". Secondly, he stresses that no evidence exists to suggest that the material in breast implants harms a nursing baby. "One notable study indicated that commercial formula contains more silicone than breast milk from a woman with silicone gel implants," Dr Brothers points out. Finally, he addresses the concern that breastfeeding causes sagging in augmented breasts, pointing out that a study carried out last year into 120 women with breast implants who breast-fed their babies, which found "no significant changes in measurements or in sagging between women who did or didn't breastfeed." Dr Brothers concluded: �This study confirms what Cosmetic Surgeons have long suspected. This is good news for women with implants who wish to nurse.�