17 March 2014

stk68287corThese days, we’re all extra cautious about the things we put into our bodies, and the products we use on our skin. An article for Pomerado News highlights the importance of knowing exactly what that skincare product label means. Doctor Brouha, from California, explains that people should pay particular attention to certain wording used on the labels on their skincare products.He uses the term “natural” as a prime example: “There is no standard for the term natural. The product may have only a couple of natural ingredients mixed in with mainly synthetic ones”. His advice is to instead check whether or not the product has been deemed organic by a recognised government body, as products must be at least 95 per cent unprocessed to achieve this certification. Doctor Brouha goes on to recommend checking the list of ingredients on the label of your skincare products, as this will help you to determine whether or not they really are “unscented” or “fragrance-free” – incredibly useful for those who suffer from sensitive skin which can be prone to reactions. Similarly, it is important to realise that there are different types of sensitive skin. Once you know which ingredients may trigger a reaction, you can check the label of your skincare products to ensure that it does not contain those ingredients. -Do you always check the labels before you buy skincare products? Let us know on Twitter.