Doctor discusses top two options for achieving a perfectly-shaped face

09 January 2014

Woman with wrinkle free faceA range of safe minor Cosmetic Surgery procedures are available to help people who want to get closer to achieving their 'ideal' face Ė and a Mumbai-based Cosmetic Surgeon has detailed the main options skilled surgeons such as himself can offer. According to Dr Abraham Zachariah, the only likely side-effects of the procedures he details can be quickly prevented or treated. His top two options for safe facial cosmetic surgery procedures are:- Cheek and Chin Implants: Recommended for enhancing a weak or receding chin, or increasing the roundness and prominence of cheek mounds, these implants are inserted via small incisions which can be easily hidden. - Rhinoplasty, or Nose Reshaping: This can amend a range of issues with the nose, where it is too large, too long, or has a noticeable hump on the bridge, and is popular because of the relatively low typical recovery time of two weeks. In the case of both procedures, Dr Zachariah said: "One can expect to achieve near-perfect results [which] arenít too drastic yet your features are better defined after the procedure." And with permanent results and minimal follow-ups required, "if you've always wanted your face to look as per your desires, a Cosmetic Surgeon can help you get there," he added.