14 November 2013

Injection into woman's lipDermal fillers have a wide range of uses, which have been outlined in an article written by a leading skin care expert on the website Health.India.com. Dr Shuba Dharmana - a cosmetic surgeon who practised in England before setting up her own business in India, and now numbers several Bollywood stars among her clients – gave the scientific reasons for the fillers' effectiveness. The hyaluronic acid which is their main active ingredient helps stimulate the growth of collagen under the skin's surface, which then helps restore its volume, lift areas where sagging has occurred, and plump out skin folds.Dermal fillers are used to treat a number of areas, such as cheeks, lips, the décolletage, nose and hands, writes Dr Dharmana, and their cost will often vary according to the area being treated. Finally, she advises: "Going to an experienced and renowned doctor is your best bet. After all, your face is at stake."