16 July 2014

Ever heard the phrase beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Well according to many Cosmetic Surgeons, theres a certain ring of truth behind this adage with Eye Bag Removal surgery fast becoming a must-have procedure for those looking to reclaim their youthful appearance!While several people may have a positive outlook on life and practise a cheery disposition, their eyes often give away a different story with their faces appearing tired due to features such as excess eyelid skin. However, theres a remedy that can turn back the hands (eyes?) of time: Blepharoplasty. Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Stephenson, states that the aim of an eyelid lift is to improve the look of upper/lower eyelids - with this procedure involving the removal of skin and/or fat by way of eyelid incisions within the natural creases; so as to ensure these marks are barely visible post-healing. So when should you consider a Blepharoplasty? The following factors are a good indication:
  • If upper lid skin is sagging/affects vision
  • If lower eyelids have loose skin along with fat pockets that bulge
  • Weak contour/rounding of lower eyelids due to ageing
  • Needing reconstruction to the area following previous surgery.
If you meet any of these criteria, then so long as youre of good medical health (along with good eye health), then youd make a suitable candidate for Blepharoplasty. The standard length of the surgery is usually one hour for the upper lids, and two hours for lower lids with recovery time lasting anywhere between four to six weeks. Where do you stand on Eye Bag Removal? Is it something youve given thought to but unsure what it entails? Get advice from our experts today, by visiting our Twitter page for more information.