05 December 2013

Woman with wrinkle free facePuffy eyes and dark circles around the eye area are common signs of ageing, but there may also be underlying medical reasons for them, according to an American news report. The Daily Journal in Farmington, Missouri, cites advice from a Harvard Health newsletter, which says the problem can be closely linked to nasal congestion, or more general fluid retention in the body, either of which are symptoms for which the sufferer should consult their GP. But the appearance of such signs for other reasons is often a natural sign of ageing, the article says, likening the fat under the skin beneath our eyes to "wind filling a sail.""As the fact disappears, the skin under the eyes becomes like a sail without wind to fill it out," the article continues, and it adds: "Gravity when we're sitting or standing (which is true most of the day and evening) tends to pull what's left of the fat downward into the upper cheeks." After outlining these causes, the article then says there are surgical means of removing the signs of ageing in this area, with Eye Bag Removal known scientifically as blepharoplasty often effective in restoring a more youthful facial look.