Doctor says pre-surgery consultation is essential

08 August 2014

When you think of Cosmetic Surgery, most people tend to picture the procedure itself, with little thought about the pre-surgery consultation. According to one Doctor however, the consultation is a significant part of the whole process.Not only does it give you the chance to ask any questions, it also allows the specialist to make sure you’re fully aware of all aspects of the procedure, from start to finish, as well as determine whether or not you are a suitable candidate for your chosen Cosmetic Surgical procedure. The Doctor offers some tips to consider: -          Preparation is key You should go to your consultation armed with a list of questions, from costs to what will happen during the procedure and the after-care process. You should also make a note of any medication you’re taking and inform the specialist. -          Take a friend Not only will your trusty friend be able to help out with remembering any questions, they will also be able to give you their initial feeling on whether the procedure is right for you. Nobody should agree to Cosmetic Surgery lightly, and often the presence of a friend during the consultation can help you to make a more informed decision. -          Assess the Doctor’s qualifications It is wise to ask how long the Doctor has worked for the clinic, as well as how many of these procedures they have performed, along with success rate and patient satisfaction. If the Cosmetic Surgeon tries to tempt you into undergoing a procedure that you don’t feel comfortable with or that you don’t want then take this as a warning sign – they are probably not going to be the right specialist for you. Are you considering Cosmetic Surgery? Contact us today to book your FREE consultation and ask us your questions on Facebook.