Doctor says targeted weight loss is biggest misconception among Americans

24 January 2011

American fitness guru and cosmetic surgeon Dr Dave David has revealed that Americans have some big misconceptions about weight loss. In an interview with online American newspaper the Dedham Transcript, Dr David was asked what he thought the biggest of these delusions was, and answered: “That if they want to lose fat in a given area, they exercise that area. “The truth is that doing this only builds muscle in that area, which can only make it larger if anything”. Dr David, who has just released a CD, ‘The REAL Secrets to a Slimmer You’, concentrates on educating patients in effective weight loss, and insists that “only by body-sculpting procedures (such as liposuction) can you choose where the fat comes off”. The cosmetic surgeon advises his patients to change their overall lifestyle if they want to lose weight in specific areas. He recommends changing what, and how much, they eat, as well as doing fat-burning exercises.