25 March 2014

Close up of a woman's cleavageWith the selfie trend continually on the rise, a 'look-at-me' culture is creating increased curiosity amongst several people about how they might be able to change their looks. However, this motive is completely the wrong one for wanting to undergo Cosmetic Surgical procedures, says one Los Angeles-based Cosmetic Surgeon. Dr Tim Miller, also an emeritus professor at the University College of Los Angeles' Medical Centre, told the San Diego Union-Tribune that the problem is not helped by some clinics' advertisements holding out the promise of "making patients look 15 years younger".He said: "I don't like that. I don't think it's appropriate. "The goal should be to look better. If people ask, 'how many years will this take away?' I tell them, 'It's not going to take any years away. It's going to make you look better'." Doctor Miller outlined several wrong motivations for undergoing Cosmetic Surgery, including having unrealistic expectations, doing it for someone else, to attract or keep a mate, or to get a job. You do it to look your best. Thats a healthy sense of vanity. [] You want to look like yourself, but look better, he added. Dr Miller singled out Breast Augmentation as one procedure for which the motivation needed to come from the women herself, and not in the form of pressure from anyone else. "I'm sure there are many who have done it to make their husband happy. But in general, you want to do surgery for yourself, not someone else." - What do you feel are sound reasons for someone wanting Cosmetic Surgery? Let us know your views on Twitter.