18 August 2014

The Anti-Ageing market is one of the biggest businesses in the world from your Anti-Wrinkle serums to your New Age techniques, the cosmetic industry has seen a whole host of treatments come and go. However, renowned New York based Dermatologist, Dr Doris Day, highlights a treatment that is here to stay: Dermal Fillers. As Dermal Fillers come in various shapes and sizes, its important to know which types provide its own set of benefits. Dr Day says: They (fillers and injectables) have different properties based on the size of the molecules and the manufacturing process. That makes sense - so what is the best way of fighting wrinkles? Dr Day explains her solution: I look at every quality from the skin downI look for evidence of discolouration/blotchiness, wrinkles, asymmetry, volume loss, bone loss and I determine a complete treatment plan that includes lasers, tightening devices, neuromodulators, fillers as well as skin care. Does that mean certain Fillers work better in particular areas? Absolutely, says Dr Day. Its very important to see a qualified trained aesthetic physician who understands and has a depth of knowledge and training in all of the available products. What expert advice does Dr Day have when considering either a Filler or Line & Wrinkle treatment? See a trained aesthetic physician and make sure all your questions are answered to your satisfaction before having a treatment, she adds. When it comes to cosmetic treatments its important not to cut corners or price shop find a dermatologist who gets it and can help you look like the very best version of yourself. Have you undergone Dermal Fillers? What results have you noticed from this treatment? Inspire others with your success story, by sharing your experience on our Facebook page.