01 November 2011

An expert has spoken out to warn consumers about the dangers of self-administering silicone injections or having them done in your own home. President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Dr Malcolm Z Roth voiced his concerns about the potentially fatal consequences of so-called ‘pumping parties’. Such parties involve silicone dermal fillers being administered illegally and without supervision to the face, breasts and buttocks and Dr Roth warns that they can be extremely dangerous.In an interview with USA Today, Dr Roth said: “We've been hearing about this. There are "pumping parties" involving high-volume injections to fill up the face, lips, cheekbones, chin or breast. “Often it's buttock enhancement and often it's not sterile.” He thinks the problem may lie in the faltering economy which is pushing more people to look young and fresh-faced for the tough employment market but which is pricing them out of having supervised treatments in registered cosmetic surgery clinics. Dr Roth added: “You don't do medical procedures in a hotel room or garage. This procedure is illegal. “Patients need to do their homework and check the credentials of the professional they're considering for their cosmetic procedure.”