Doctor warns against the risky new trend for Genital Fillers

Doctor warns against the risky new trend for Genital Fillers

23 June 2015

A leading skin specialist has warned about the dangers of aesthetic genital enhancement using Dermal Fillers, after a recent spike in inquiries about injections to improve the appearance of the penis and vagina.

The doctor warns, when there is no underlying medical problem, injections into the genitals are a very risky choice. Complications associated with the procedure can include painful swelling, nerve paralysis, bleeding and a loss of sensation during sex. 

While Dermal Fillers can give the face and hands a more youthful appearance, there is extra risk involved in treating the genitals because of the vast amount of nerves and blood vessels in this area of the body.

Genital surgeries are not a new phenomenon, Labiaplasty – where the labia is reduced during surgery – and Penoplasty – where the length and girth of the penis are increased by cutting a ligament and injecting fat from elsewhere in the body – are existing Cosmetic Surgeries. Though the demand for Dermal Fillers in this area is a new development.

The doctor puts the increase in requests down to our youth obsessed culture and the increasing number of people she sees with partners younger than themselves.

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