02 June 2014

Our use of Line & Wrinkle treatment has increased in recent years, with one Dermatologist calling the trend reckless.Dr. Jean Marquez refers to the many horror stories of botched treatments, claiming that Cosmetic Doctors now have a greater responsibility than ever to provide their patients with top-notch treatment, tailored to their needs. Successful Line & Wrinkle treatment, for her, involves a good understanding of beauty and the natural ageing process and it is also important that the treatment is administered by a skilled Dermatologist who has great taste in what constitutes beauty. She adds: I am a strong advocate of natural beauty, meaning if patients undergo enhancements, it should be non-invasive and must have the most natural-looking results. Line & Wrinkle treatment works by relaxing the muscles to help reduce the appearance of frown lines and crows feet, and leaves skin looking visibly younger and smoother and over time re-educated. Those looking to reverse the visible signs of ageing with this Non-Surgical treatment are advised to always seek advice and treatment from trained professionals. Whats your experience with Line & Wrinkle treatments? Send us a tweet with your views.