15 May 2013

Cream and syringeDoctors have started using Botox to relieve burn victims of their chronic itching. Despite suffering severe injuries, Karen Croule pulled through but she was left with a constant itch as her wounds started to heal. Doctors tried various treatments but nothing worked until consultant plastic surgeon Peter Brooks came up with the idea of using Botox.He said: Botox can be used to treat various things. There are lots of good medical uses for Botox including sweating. It's not just used for cosmetic surgery. It is not uncommon for severe burn victims to suffer from severe itching as a result of nerve regeneration and the destruction of oil glands that would normally moisturise the skin. As far as Peter Brooks was aware, this was the first instance of itching being cured by Botox: [It] blocks muscle contraction and reduces sweating. People with burns often have their sweat glands destroyed but the nerves are still there, which could, I believed, be the cause of itching. I put those things together and thought there was a good chance Botox would work. Karen added: It was a total life saver because I could start sleeping. Now, I'm back at work. I've got my life back I'm not sure if it's made me look any younger though! More than 50 burn victims are now reported to have been treated with Botox.