Does science hold the answer to great skin?

Does science hold the answer to great skin?

27 September 2016

Does science hold the answer to great skin?

Lines and wrinkles are an inevitable part of the ageing process. The good news is that there are multiple solutions out there to help you enjoy great-looking skin for longer – and it’s all down to science.

Anti-ageing research scientist Sara Palmer Hussey said: “The older we get, the more important it becomes to give the body extra targeted support in counteracting the damage of daily living and, to prevent that damage from accumulating and developing into signs of ageing such as wrinkles and low energy, but also degenerative diseases too.”


Nine causes of ageing

According to the anti-ageing expert, there are nine main causes of ageing: cellular debris, cellular energy decline, oxidative stress, insulin resistance, telomere shortening, hormonal decline, glycation and DNA damage.

While many skin care products contain antioxidants to combat ageing caused by oxidative stress, Sara argues that the remaining eight causes remain unaddressed – it’s this, she says, that causes people to continue ageing, despite using all manner of lotions and potions.


How can science help?

So where does science come into all of this? Sara focuses her studies on how the body defends and repairs itself while young. By understanding this, scientists are able to formulate tailored products to defend against premature ageing and skin damage, while promoting regeneration and repair at the same time.


Are skin care products enough to combat ageing?

Used alone, skin care products are not enough to completely reverse signs of ageing. Where they can help is by improving the skin’s ability to hold onto moisture, allowing your skin to appear supple, plumper and hydrated. All of this reduces the appearance of wrinkles without actually banishing them altogether.

So what’s recommended? A combination of skin care and a good diet can go a long way to protect, heal and repair your skin – making it look more youthful for longer.


What else is good for maintaining a youthful complexion?

In addition to the right skin care and eating a balanced diet, it’s important to get plenty of sleep and to undertake exercise. During sleep our skin is able to start the repair and regeneration process, while frequent exercise boosts circulation, giving you an enviable rosy glow.

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