28 July 2014

The world of Cosmetic Surgery is ever-changing, and thanks to the advances in technology, innovative procedures are on the rise – improving both surgical standards as well as patient well-being. One such revolutionary technique that is being embraced by the industry is something known as the ‘Internal Bra’ – silicone cups fitted underneath the breast tissue, designed to give the patient a perkier appearance following a Breast Lift or Breast Reduction. The ‘Internal Bra’ is to be reviewed by the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) later this year. One America-based clinic has revealed more about the use of it in Cosmetic Surgery procedures. “As breast surgery specialists, we evaluate new techniques to ensure they are safe and effective,” said Founder and CEO of Destin Plastic Surgery, William Burden. “We appreciate creativity and finding new ways to approach breast surgery, but we also have the experience to know when reality doesn’t match the hype.” The procedure is performed by creating a small incision in the armpit area and inserting silicone implants behind the breasts – which, according to statistics provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, are used in an estimated 72 per cent of all Breast Augmentation surgeries undertaken in 2013. Specialist in no-scar Breast Augmentations, Dr Ennis, explained: “The popularity of silicone implants is another example of innovation in our field. The latest generation of silicone gel implants offers patients a more natural look and feel and an array of choices.” How does the idea of having an implanted bra strike you? As an exciting new trend in Cosmetic Surgery, is this something you’d consider? Send us a tweet with your thoughts on this innovative procedure today.