24 April 2009

Legendary country star Dolly Parton is well known for her glossy image and the blonde bombshell continues to wow fans with her vivacious personality and youthful looks. Currently in the process of taking her most famous movie - 9 To 5 - to Broadway, Dolly revealed that she believed that she owed it to her fans to look good and that cosmetic surgery was one of the tools she employed to achieve this. At 63, Dolly has undergone a number of cosmetic treatments over the years - including facelifts, a breast enlargement and dermal fillers - to add to the image she created for herself. According to the National Ledger, the iconic country singer said: "I'm a proud person, I'm not vain. "I look at it like it is if you've got the money and you're going to be out there, you owe it to people not to look like a dog if you can help it." Dolly then explained that she believes that continuing to maintain her image is a crucial ingredient in her incarnation as a star. She said: "I want to shine, I want to glitter." The prolific singer remains the most successful star in the country genre and her distinctive voice and looks, including her outr outfits, have attracted legions of fans. However, she also asserted that her image was never intended as a marketing tool, but is instead an outward expression of her inner self.