11 May 2009

Iconic singing star Dolly Parton has revealed her surprise that petite actress Reese Witherspoon is rumoured to be considered for the role of the country star in an upcoming movie about her life. According to the Daily Express, he star, who is a self confessed big fan of cosmetic surgery, laughingly said that for Reese to play the part: "Wed have to get her a big ol boob job. She then indicated that curvaceous star Scarlett Johansson may be better suited to the physical demands of the role. The legendary singer has famously undergone a number of treatments herself, including facelifts, a breast enlargement and dermal fillers. Last month Dolly claimed that stars owe it to their fans to ensure that they look their best. She said: I look at it like it is if youve got the money and youre going to be out there, you owe it to people not to look like a dog if you can help it. Despite a number of rumours it appears there is no proof that either Scarlett or Reese have undergone any surgery to date. Although starpulse.com reports Scarlett as saying in an interview last year: "I will definitely have plastic surgery - I don't want to become an old hag! I think if you're comfortable with yourself that's sexy, but if you're not then go for it." 63 year old Dolly is currently showing no signs of slowing down and the film, which details her rise to fame to become the world's most beloved female country singer from backwater Tennessee, is only one of many projects occupying her time. The star has also recently penned all of the songs for a new musical version of her famous film 90 to 5 and has just written her first children's book, I Am A Rainbow.