Don’t believe the hype! 5 popular beauty myths debunked

Don’t believe the hype! 5 popular beauty myths debunked

21 July 2015

Whether it’s eating your crusts to make your hair curl, or not frowning in case the wind changes direction, we’ve all heard our fair share of bizarre beauty myths.  But here are five all too popular tales it’s time to stop believing!

Toothpaste is good for treating acne

While a blob of tooth paste might absorb excess oil and dry out a pimple the product is not intended for your face, so it will most likely be too harsh and leave red irritated patches and even dry, flaky skin where the pimple used to be. Not the clear complexion you were hoping for!

Cucumber reduces puffy eye bags

It’s the quintessential image of spas and relaxation; a woman reclining with cucumber slices over her eyes.  But cucumber won’t leave you looking like you’ve had a restful night’s sleep!  It’s the cold, not the cucumber, that helps reduce puffy eyes, so soaking a cotton pad in cold water will be just as effective.

You can catch up on missed sleep at the weekend

If you’re someone who regularly misses a solid eight hours sleep you’ve probably told yourself this myth.  In fact you can’t create a bank of sleep with a lie-in at the weekend; unfortunately the negative effects of missed sleep aren’t reversed by catching some z’s at a later date.

Popping a pimple it the best way to get rid of the blemish

It might be an instinctive reaction to pop a pimple as soon as you catch sight of it – but you’re actually making the situation worse.  By popping a spot you spread the puss around your face, leading to further break-outs.

You should wash your hair everyday

Washing your hair too often can actually strip away the natural oils that keep it soft and shiny. Excessive washing can also cause coloured hair to fade, so stick to washing it every other day for luscious locks.

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Image credit: Edyta Pawlowska/ Shutterstock