28 July 2009

A while ago, people began to make some noise about not growing old gracefully but instead continuing to have fun for as long as possible and so phrases such as 'fabulous fifties', 'swinging sixties' and 'sprightly seventies' were born. But sometimes I think that people have forgotten all about this revelation.Maybe it's the recession or the rather dismal weather we've been having recently, but more and more often I've been getting the feeling that people have forgotten that life doesn't stop at the end of your forties. In fact, it often lasts a whole lot longer, so making sure you enjoy the rest of it is essential. Don't forget about looking stylish and stop dressing up as soon as you hit your fifties, make sure you stay fabulous. You may want to adapt your wardrobe a little, choose a new haircut or indulge in a few non surgical solutions to perk up your appearance, but whatever you do, dont forget that turning fifty isn't the big deal it once was (and neither is turning sixty or seventy for that matter). With the help of a healthy lifestyle, a stress minimising regime and even a little cosmetic surgery you'll be free to grow old disgracefully if that's what you're hoping for! On the other hand, you can simply remember that getting older doesn't mean you have to lose your sense of style, even if you've just got some quiet years planned. All I have to do to reaffirm my belief that you can still be fabulous in your fifties is look to my mum for inspiration - I'm hoping I look that good when I get there!