12 September 2011

Dermal fillersWomen planning to undergo cosmetic surgery are being warned not to go too far when it comes to treatments such as dermal fillers. Criticism has recently been levelled at veteran pop star Madonna, 53, who is reported to be the subject of procedures which have left her face appearing more well-padded than usual. Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones said: "[Madonna] appears most recently to have overdone the amount of filler she has pumped into her skin to the point where I worry she might pop. "You become seduced by a certain cosmetic procedure, and cling to it like an inflatable life raft, thinking it will save you. "The problem is that it can be so easy to lose track not only of reality, but of what is acceptable, desirable, attainable and affordable." Jones was keen to point out that a little surgery can be a good thing, being a fan herself but anyone who goes too far is at risk of spiralling towards the problematic appearance of famous examples such as Jocelyn Wildenstein.