19 March 2014

Frau vor einer SchnheitsoperationThe selfie trend is continuing to drive enquiries for Cosmetic Surgery, with more than half of doctors telling one American survey they attributed a rise in demand for their services to social media. Figures gathered by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery found that one in three doctors had been told by prospective patients the reason that they were seeking a procedure was to look better online.Blisstree.com reports the vast majority of patients who consulted these experts 90% women and 86% men had enquired about Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) or Blepharoplasty (Eye Bag Removal). But, these statistics fail to highlight why its never a good idea to choose surgery simply because you don't like how you look when you see yourself in pictures says Blisstree's Joanna Rafael. "Looking good on Facebook might just be the worst reason to go under the knife possible," she wrote, compiling a list of reasons people should not have for deciding to opt for Cosmetic Surgery, which include: - To use as a disguise - To look more like a celebrity - To improve your popularity - Out of boredom for your existing looks - To look better for a specific occasion, in particular a school reunion or wedding - Because someone else is forcing you to do it. The above no-nos all have one common theme theyre often the case of snap decisions. However, its vital to choose a reputable, responsible and ethical provider when deciding to undergo Cosmetic Surgery. Any decision you do make should be properly considered. An initial consultation with a trained expert will ensure that you fully understand all aspects of the procedure, including cost, what to expect on the day, potential risks which may be involved, and aftercare to make a fully informed decision about undergoing Cosmetic Surgery for the right reasons. Do you agree? Tell us what you've heard people say about why they'd like to change their appearance, via Twitter.