11 October 2012

A leading Indian dermatologist has told people suffering from acne not to let the condition destroy their confidence. Dr Ruchi Agrawal, who has been working as a consultant dermatologist and cosmetologist for the past 12 years, says treating acne requires patience and perseverance. She admits that the condition can also have a profound impact, and urges sufferers to seek help.Writing for Health India, she said the starting point for anyone affected by acne should involve a visit to a dermatologist, which could then lead on to an appointment with a plastic surgeon. According to Dr Agrawal there are a number of ways to treat post acne marks, including face washes and creams, and microdermabrasion. Treatments such as dermaroller, Obagi Blue skin peels and laser procedures can be used to treat mild to severe scarring. Dr Agrawal, who runs her own practice in Malad, Mumbai, said: "Don't let acne scars ruin your lives by causing self-doubt and low confidence. You don't have to live your life in hiding. Consult your dermatologist to bring back radiant, spotless skin." See original article here: