Don't over-stress your skin with sugar, says nutritionist

21 March 2014

104280218Cutting sugary, processed food from your diet is a sure-fire way of slowing down the signs of ageing, according a British nutritionist. Katherine Elyse Blake told that a few simple lifestyle and diet changes can have significant effects when it comes to keeping lines and wrinkles at bay.She put forward a list of foods which have properties and ingredients known to help fight the effects of ageing. These include: - Berries - which are full of potent antioxidants good for protecting the skin - Tomatoes – a good source of lycopene and vitamin C, which support the production of collagen; the skin's own natural repairing agent - Melon – improves the skin's elasticity thanks to high concentrations of vitamins A and C - Omega 3 fatty acids – keeps skin strong and helps it retain moisture - Brazil nuts – they contain selenium, which can help keep skin free from acne - Green tea – this contains an ingredient which helps prevent collagen breakdown and bolsters its ability to help regenerate skin cells. “Your skin is your largest organ and it’s extremely important to keep it healthy, nourished and hydrated," she concluded. - How many of these foods are in your daily diet? Tell us on Twitter, and also share your other favourite age-fighting recipes.