06 June 2012

Women are opting for breast uplift surgery and tummy tucks following pregnancy, in a bid to regain their pre-baby figures. This is according to a report published online at which interviewed one 32-year-old mother of two who couldnít wait to have cosmetic breast surgery after breastfeeding her children. The woman, whose name was changed to protect her privacy, said she was ashamed of her breasts and that surgery was a blessing. She was so unhappy with her post-pregnancy body that she suffered with depression.Consultant plastic surgeon Dr Madhusudan, said: ďPost-delivery weight has always been a matter of worry for women. Often, they become depressed when criticized about body weight. But it is changing: more women are aware that they can regain their shape with surgeries.Ē But doctors are advising women to give their bodies a chance before rushing to have surgery, noting that breastfeeding, exercise and time can all change the body shape. They also advise that women should be sure that they have decided against having more children before opting for surgery. Tummy tucks, breast enlargement and facelifts are said to be among the most common procedures chosen by new mums. See original story here: