05 September 2012

Anyone looking to improve their complexion should make sure that they use a suitable amount of sunscreen on a daily basis. That's according to The Times of India, which has published a list of seven ways in which people can help to improve the condition of their skin. But as well as simply using suncream, people also need to make sure that they are applying it evenly."Studies show that right-handed people put more sunscreen on the left side of their body than their right and vice-versa," the report said. "This means important areas miss out on adequate sun protection." It has been claimed that a small glass of red wine every other day increases a person's intake of antioxidants, which in turn can reduce the level of harmful free radicals in the body. Boosting omega-3 oils by eating oily fish such as mackerel and salmon, which can help to boost hydration, prevent acne and fight wrinkles, is also recommended. Swapping refined carbohydrates such as white bread for wholemeal products is claimed by some to help reduce spots, while five minutes of light massaging each day can help to stimulate the skin's connective tissue, encourage circulation and release collagen which will increase elasticity. See original article here: http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-09-02/beauty/33302555_1_skin-sunscreen-eczema