10 February 2009

A new study has found that stress increases the signs of aging - why am I not surprised? I mean, we all know how damaging stress can be to your health as well as your wellbeing (that's why I try and make it to yoga at least once a week). But I guess it's a different thing when knowledge we take for granted goes on to be scientifically proven.This study says that genetic factors play a part in how quickly your appearance ages, and that's something we've all been able to see for ourselves. In the same way I know that if I put a little weight on it always goes straight to my bum and hips just like my mum and her mum before her, some of my friends have inherited dark circles under their eyes, others a tendency to wrinkles around the mouth. But what really struck me was how common the list of stressful factors they mentioned were - they said things like divorce, abnormal weight loss and even antidepressants could make you look older than you are. How many people do you know affected by stressful situations like this? Just counting my family and close friends I can think of quite a few. But luckily, if your stressful life hangs heavy on your face there's something you can do about it. Facelifts, non surgical treatments like line and wrinkle-relaxing injections or even facial peels can rejuvenate tired appearances - and with so much stress around at the moment it's no wonder that we're seeing people who are younger than we normally would have expected hoping to perk themselves up. Right, I'm off to book another yoga class - and a skin peel!