Dragon’s Den star Duncan Bannatyne reveals cosmetic surgery

28 April 2010

Duncan Bannatyne is well-known for his no-nonsense attitude to business, and the Dragon's Den star has applied the same frankness to a discussion about his use of cosmetic surgery. The 61-year-old entrepreneur told the Daily Mail he has undergone eye bag removal (blepharoplasty), and that he supports plastic surgery as a way for people to improve their appearance. "I’ve had [cosmetic surgery] twice," Duncan revealed. "On my eyes, to remove my eye bags. I don’t want to look like John Prescott! The trouble is we are a family of John Prescott lookalikes! God help us." The Scottish star has many projects under his belt - from hotels to health clubs - but his latest endeavour may be the most challenging yet: trying to encourage viewers to take holidays around Britain's coastline for the TV show Duncan's Seaside Rescue. "The trouble in this country is not weather or luxury, it’s that the people who run these places don’t bloody care. It's particularly hard to train the British when it comes to service," Duncan told Mail Online. "All the places I went to were pretty bad, the food especially. It’s all chips and hamburgers. We have great beaches, look at Felixstowe, but the local attraction was a caravan park with one bar and a stage." As an open advocate of cosmetic surgery for men, Duncan Bannatyne joins a growing list of respected male celebrities - including celeb chef Gordon Ramsay and music mogul Simon Cowell - whose use of treatments is encouraging greater acceptance of cosmetic surgery among British men.