28 August 2008

Here in the UK, there have been precious few chances to slip into a bikini this year - unless it's at your local swimming pool or spa - but the more I think about summer holidays, the more I wonder how much I'll dare to bare in public.

From discovering unfamiliar foods to meeting new people, I love visiting other countries. But my favourite holiday treat has got to be having the chance to completely unwind and relax - preferably on a sandy beach. And if there's one thing that keeps me going during a rainy lunch break, it's a browse through pics of celebs sunning themselves and planning the next time I'll have the chance to feel as though I'm in their shoes - or flip-flops.

We all have our little hang-ups and in the summer sun they can become a little more obvious to us - all those lumps and bumps that you can normally keep hidden under layers come to the forefront and the last thing you want to worry about when you're trying to enjoy yourself is the shape of your tummy or those saddle bags that just refuse to shift. Sometimes it just isn't the weight you're carrying - it's the way that you're carrying it, and that's when liposuction comes into its own.

It's not just a case of fat removal - in fact not many people realise that it's not a treatment for obesity - it's a way of removing excess fatty tissue and resculpting the body. Better still, it's not just a procedure that women are interested in either; from moobs to sagging beer guts, there are plenty of secrets that keep men covered up on the beach.

You want to plan ahead for a procedure like that, though, to fully enjoy and flaunt the results of your shaping, you'd want some recovery time before your holiday - but isn't planning your trip one of the best elements of the travel experience?

I'm looking forward to sipping sangria in the sun already.