28 April 2011

Officials in Dubai have warned beauty salons that they must stop performing laser hair removal treatments from August. When the ban takes effect, only registered health care service providers will be allowed to carry out laser treatments in the Emirate. According to the aim is to protect members of the public. Dr Mohammad Osama Kayali, head of the Dubai Health Authoritys regulation section, said the new law is intended to improve safety by ensuring that laser hair removal treatment is only carried out by trained and qualified healthcare professionals. An increasing number of people are benefiting from the procedure, but if it is to be performed safely, it is essential that people go through a registered cosmetic clinic. Dr Kayali said: "(Businesses) need to employ a licensed specialist dermatologist or plastic surgeon if they wish to continue this service. "In many instances, excessive hair growth is due to hormonal imbalances which need specialist medical advice and follow-up." Any business that breaks the new rule will face a fine of up to Dh10,000 (1,600) or may be closed down.