Ear Reshaping on the rise as young people live to regret oversized piercings

Ear Reshaping on the rise as young people live to regret oversized piercings

28 July 2015

Ear gauging, or flesh holes as they’re sometimes called, became fashionable around 10 years ago and is still a popular look among young teenagers and young people today. As the first generation to sport the piercings reach adulthood and enter the work force however, many are finding their oversized earrings aren’t always compatible with their new life style and they’re turning to surgery to correct their misshaped lobes.

One patient who recently underwent an Ear Reshaping procedure began the body modification at 19. Over the course of two years, the holes in his ears stretched to a diameter of 4.4cm, leaving excessive, thinned skin when, at 25, he removed his jewellery for work.

“You could say I fell out of love with them” the patient explains, “I don’t really want these big, huge holes in my ears because it just looks horrible. Every time I look in the mirror, I just see it and shake my head.”

Reconstructing a stretched ear lobe involves removing some of the spare skin and reshaping a new, smaller lower ear. It’s a surgical procedure which can come as a surprise to piercing fans. As one Surgeon explains, “I’ve seen patients who are really surprised you don’t just take the spacer out and (the ear) goes back to normal.”

Piercings and tattoos are increasingly popular with younger generations and the trend has sparked a wave of medical innovations to adjust or remove the results in later life.

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Image credit: Axel Bueckert/ Shutterstock