06 October 2009

A new trend of earlobe surgery is sweeping the United States and expected to hit the UK soon, as patients seek to pull back the years through cosmetic surgery treatment.According to the Daily Mail, earlobes are one of the tell-tale signs of ageing, partly due to their exposure to the sun throughout our lives. In addition to the natural sagging and thinning caused by age, many women increase the damage to their earlobes through wearing heavy earrings that weaken and stretch the skin through constant strain. The new ear reshaping procedure only takes 40 minutes and is carried out under general anaesthetic. It has thus far proved most popular with patients in their 50s and early 60s, but younger women in their 40s are also seeking to rejuvenate their lobes with ear reshaping surgery. Patients who undergo earlobe surgery are able to have their ears re-pierced within three weeks, allowing them to continue wearing their favourite jewellery. 63-year-old Eda Eston of New York underwent the procedure and claims it has given her a new lease of life, stating: "I blamed a combination of ageing and my fondness for long, heavy earrings. "I used to love pinning back my hair from my face - but my earlobes looked ugly. I've had Botox and realised that my ears didn't match up. They were making me look older. "Having the surgery was the easiest thing I've done. It was less painful than trying on a pair of tight-fitting shoes, and it has given me and my earrings a new lease of life. I've recommended it to all of my friends."