14 June 2013

Woman removing bandages from faceA Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon has set out what he considers the best reasons for people to undergo a nose reshaping procedure. Dr Babak Azizzadeh, who specialises in carrying out facial procedures, decided to speak out after his own experience of seeing patients who were seeking such treatment for "unsound reasons". But, by contrast, he said most patients had good grounds for seeking cosmetic adjustment to their nose, for example, after a sporting or other injury.And he added that a minimally invasive procedure could also help relieve a breathing problem which patients had often lived with for many years. "Patients born with a deviated septum that impairs breathing function usually experience a great improvement in quality of life after a septo-rhinoplasty, a procedure which corrects breathing problems and improves the cosmetic appearance of the nose," said Dr Azizzadeh. And he concluded: "Those patients who have a strong, valid reason for wanting the surgery in the first place, tend to be the ones most satisfied with the results.