Easy options available to remedy protruding ears

08 October 2013

Woman covering earsResearch carried out for the NHS has found that at least one in 100 people are conscious of their ears sticking out. Yet here at the Harley Medical Group, we believe that many of these self-conscious people aren't aware that they could have surgery to correct the problem. The procedure, known as Otoplasty, doesn't leave visible scarring either, because it involves making incisions inside and behind the ear. And as well as being making the ears less conspicuous, a surgeon can also resize and reshape them at the same time.Performed under general anaesthetic, the procedure usually takes two to three hours. Nurse Jemma Cook from our Harley Street clinic in London says: "There is a solution for people who don't like their ears, and the first step is always an initial consultation". Many patients report feeling fantastic after the surgery, having been teased about their ears or having felt self-conscious for some years.