Easy ways to manage your bingo wings

Easy ways to manage your bingo wings

28 May 2015

Are you dreading having to bare your arms this summer? You’re not alone – research shows that 75 per cent of women feel most unconfident about their upper arms, while a huge 87 per cent of men admit to guessing a woman’s age according to the appearance of her upper arms!

This summer, instead of hiding your arms in cardigans follow these easy tips to banish your bingo wings for good.

  • Upper arm exercises. Our biceps and shoulders get a natural daily workout but the same can’t be said for our triceps. Fitness expert Lucy Wyndham-Read recommends a simple move that you can try “every time you’re waiting for the kettle to boil.” Stand with your legs apart and suck your stomach in. Lift your chest and keep your arms by your side, palms faced behind you then gently lift your arms as high as you can and hold for a few seconds. Dip your arms slightly then raise them again and repeat for a count of 100.
  • Eat more protein. Toned arms can be achieved simply by making a few small changes to your diet. Make sure you eat plenty of protein to help muscle repair after completing resistance exercise such as swimming. Good sources of protein can be found in natural yoghurt, lean meats and vegetables. Dietician Nichola Whitehead says: “Aim to eat protein with every meal. Porridge with Greek yoghurt for breakfast, a chicken salad sandwich on granary bread for lunch, and a bean and lentil curry for dinner.”
  • Banish unwanted bumps. You may notice the backs of your arms are covered in rough red bumps. This may be a condition known as keratosis pilaris and “occurs when hair follicles contain a build-up of keratin (a protein that makes up the tough outer layer of skin) and can look like goosebumps,” explains one Dermatologist. You can remove these bumps by using a microdermabrasion scrub and applying in circular motions to boost circulation and reveal healthy, smooth-looking skin. If you’re showing more severe symptoms, a course of Medical Microdermabrasion, Laser treatment or Skin Peels may be suggested.
  • Moisturise. A combination of central heating and air conditioning can leave you with dry and dehydrated skin on your arms. Opt for ultra-thick and rich moisturisers such as body butters to fix this problem, applying as soon as you’ve showered to seal in the moisture.
  • Fix scaly elbows. Dry and cracked elbow skin is a must-fix before summer. An easy solution is to cut the toe section off an old pair of socks, apply a thick coating of Vaseline to elbows and then roll the sock over each arm while you sleep to allow your skin to soak up the moisture of the Vaseline. In the morning, you’ll be left with smooth elbows.

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Image Credit: Saiyood/ iStock/ Thinkstock