Eat your way to glowing skin, says Nutritionist

20 May 2015

We’re used to putting all manner of lotions and potions on our faces in a bid to achieve flawless-looking skin - but according to one Nutritionist, it’s possible to eat your way to glowing skin.

Madeleine Shaw, author of Get The Glow is a firm believer in the motto “you are what you eat”. She revealed her secret to glowing skin – fresh chicken stock.

She told This Morning: “When you make chicken stock you are boiling the bones down and the bones have collagen in, that’s what’s keeping them together so the collagen goes into the stock.

“It’s an Old Wives’ Tale to drink your chicken stock but it is really good for your skin.”

Collagen helps to keep our skin firm and supple, preventing the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. As we age, our collagen levels deplete, leading to increased use of Anti-Ageing creams.

Madeleine however, believes glowing skin can be achieved from the inside, and says that by eating healthily, we can give our skin the best chance of looking young.

She concluded: “I started eating whole foods and found I was gradually falling back in love with food, life and, most important of all, myself.

“My taste buds bloomed, that 4pm energy slump was eliminated, my skin began to glow, calorie counting went out the window and I beamed from ear to ear. It is amazing when you give your body what it really desires; it is the most empowering feeling.”

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Image Credit: LuckyBusiness/ iStock/ Thinkstock