28 July 2011

78430364Labour leader Ed Miliband has undergone nose reshaping surgery in a bid to cure his sleep apnoea. A friend of the politician denied rumours that the operation was to make his voice sound less nasal, and confirmed that he sounds exactly the same as he did before the surgery. The procedure was said to have cost the taxpayer 1,300 and focused on correcting a deviated septum, which can make the condition of sleep apnoea worse. A spokeswoman for the Labour leader said: He is now recovering for a few days before going on holiday with his family.The nose surgery involves cutting away the tonsils, flaps of skin at the back of the throat and the adenoid glands behind the nasal passage, leaving the patient with a clearer airway. Patients are advised to eat soft foods and soup for the days following the operation. Sleep apnoea is a condition which causes frequent interruptions to breathing when a person is asleep and will often force the sufferer awake in order to get them to start breathing again. Other public figures with the condition include comedian Billy Connelly, actor William Shatner and author Christopher Hitchens.