Edie Campbell talks beauty and Skin Care

2 October 2014

English model Edie Campbell always looks flawless, both on and off the catwalk. The 24 year old has spoken out about her beauty and Skin Care regime, telling Marie Claire magazine that she favours a look that is “minimal effort, maximum impact”.

With her natural complexion already slightly red in tone, she says that she never uses blusher, opting instead for a concealer to tone down her unwanted pigmentation around her nose and cheeks.

While she admits to not being “disciplined enough” to have an actual Skin Care regime, the model is always careful to apply sunscreen, claiming to be “fanatical about SPF” – and with her fair skin, we’re not surprised.

Displaying a refreshing attitude when it comes to her stunning looks, she says: “As a model you become detached from your looks. You have to divorce yourself from your appearance, otherwise you become obsessed and hideously insecure.

“It’s my job to appeal to people via my physical appearance and essentially to sell products, but very seldom do I think about my looks outside of a professional perspective.”

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