12 February 2007

Whether it's bothersome blackheads or sallow skin, nurses Jeannette Imray and Ann Newby know exactly what needs to be done.

Evening Chronicle'Effortless way to shed any problem skin'

Whether it's bothersome blackheads or sallow skin, nurses Jeannette Imray and Ann Newby know exactly what needs to be done.Using the latest technology they can blast away dead skin, fine lines, and wayward wrinkles, all during an office lunch break. The clinic, run by The Harley Medical Group, also ensures its treatments and operations are carried out or overseen by registered nurses, and between them Jeannette and Ann have a wealth of NHS experience. "Nurses can give people a better overview of surgery and also a certain level of knowledge about the skin," said clinic manager Ann, who has been a qualified nurse for 32 years. "People are becoming more and more concerned about avoiding the ageing process and we find a lot of young people come to us wanting to be proactive and do something before the effects of ageing show." "A lot of people with skin problems such as acne come to see us and we've got new technology which can really help." Massive advances over the past few years in non-surgical procedures mean both men and women can improve their appearance without the use of knives. And The Harley Medical Group is launching a new programme of the latest treatments tailored to an individual's skin type through a consultation with one of its qualified nurses. It is describing it as a new approach to skin improvement and once your skin has been microscopically analysed a skin maintenance programme can be developed. The whole process begins with a computerised analysis, which involves perching your chin on a stand while a machine takes a series of pictures of your face. Each one is then brought up on a computer screen and examines key areas of the skin condition - pigmentation damage from the sun or UV rays, spots, pores, wrinkles and bacteria. It can simulate ageing on the client's face and show how these elements can worsen over time. The machine will then give a score for each one - the lower the score the better. These unique scores are then used to develop a personal treatment plan which could include a range of intriguing procedures. "This computer picks up on all the things the naked eye can't see," said nurse therapist Jeannette, who worked in the NHS for 22 years before joining The Harley Medical Group. "For most people the worst damage on their skin is from the sun and now people are becoming more conscious of that. "We can then make a tailor-made package of skin service available with the clinic, and then once the client has had all the treatment we will analyse their skin again so they can see the difference. "Although it usually costs around 50 for a skin analysis, at the moment we're offering it for free." As well as the usual wrinkle-relaxing injections or dermal botox fillers, the clinic also offers medical microdermabrasion - a buzz word for new non-surgical treatmentsTiny crystals are swept over the skin through a mechanised nozzle, polishing away the face's outer layer of dead skin. It leaves the face feeling fresh, clean and incredibly smooth. The clinic, which sees an average of 20 patients a day aged up to 75 years old, has also started Aesthera PPx, a brand new treatment which can be used for a variety of problems with painless and quick results using a type of laser. It works by creating a vacuum which draws the skin into the treatment handpiece and brings the targets - such as hair follicles, pigmented skin and broken capillaries - closer to the skin's surface where they are blanched for a fraction of a second. The treatment was launched in the UK in 2004 and an estimated half a million patients worldwide have been treated, but none in the UK until The Harley Medical Group installed the machines at its clinics. Aesthera PPx can be used for notoriously difficult-to-treat conditions such as sun spots, brown spots, freckles and thread veins, and on average takes around seven minutes per session. "It's basically light-based technology which can rejuvenate the skin and people who have it done really love it," said Jeannette. And it's not just for the rich and famous. Non-surgical treatments are surging among all age groups and different levels of earners. "A lot of people now are really focusing on keeping fit and healthy, and they want to keep themselves looking good as well," said Ann. And in some ways it's just like getting your hair done. But the things we do at the clinic can also help people a lot with their confidence and self-esteem. "We get all kinds of people coming in here, from students to high-earners. By far the most popular surgical procedures are breast enhancements which are done at the Manchester Lifestyle Hospital, but arranged by us, and then medical microdermabrasions is one of the most asked-for non-surgical treatments." Non-surgical treatments start from 55 and cosmetic surgery prices begin at around 2,000.Leader in the field'The Harley Medical Group was established 23 years ago and has 12 clinics across the country. Now it is among one of the leading cosmetic surgery groups operating in the UK. Last year, The Harley Medical Group became one of the only commercial providers to work with the Government to help oversee regulation of the cosmetic surgery industry and chairman Mel Braham was appointed to the Department of Health's Steering Committee. The Harley Medical Group is known for introducing new techniques to the UK market, such as Laser Hair Removal, Collagen for lines and wrinkles, Laser for snoring, Tumescent Liposuction and LPG for cellulite treatment.Read more about our non surgical solutions and our non surgical guide.Contact us today to book your free non surgical consultation with one of highly qualified Nurses.