Eight advantages of having oily skin

Eight advantages of having oily skin

4 June 2015

You may moan about your oily skin but did you realise it may actually be a blessing in disguise. Here are the eight advantages of having oily skin:

1. Better anti-ageing. Oily skin is a lot more tolerant of anti-ageing creams than dry skin which means it’s more likely to work better for you. No more premature ageing? We’ll take that.

2. Fewer wrinkles. Oily skin is thicker and more robust than dry skin, meaning it’s less likely to wrinkle as easily.

3. Reduced sun damage. The oil in your skin contains vitamin E, which helps to protect against sun damage. The oilier your skin, the more protected you’ll be.

4. Dewy complexion. The coveted dewy complexion is easier to achieve if your skin is oily. Spot-free, your skin will glow with radiance and never look dull.

5. Moisturiser saving. Oily skin requires less moisturiser as it’s less prone to dehydration than dry skin. Your oil reserves will give your skin natural lubrication, saving you a fortune in moisturiser.

6. Less sensitive. Oily skin tends to be less sensitive to environmental factors, which means you’re unlikely to notice much change in the quality of your skin, no matter what the weather.

7. Cheaper makeup. Your natural glowing complexion means you’ll need less makeup. Not having to invest in skin brightening products will leave your bank balance higher than those with dry skin.

8. Softer skin. We all want soft skin, and if yours is oily, it’ll feel suppler and look more youthful for longer.

You see, oily skin’s not so bad after all. Tell us what’s great about your skin on Facebook today.




Image Credit: Salome Hoogendijk/ Shutterstock.com