27 June 2013

108547213Sometimes, bodies are embarrassing places – but discussing them openly and honestly with a doctor can calm fears and get problems diagnosed and treated. Internal medicine physician Dr Crystal Tuncay has been stressing the importance of taking embarrassing problems seriously and how you should go about solving them.Sweaty?Dr Tuncay explains that sweat is a necessary function of the body to regulate temperature – but too much can become unsightly when it stains clothes. Excessive sweating can be caused by a number of things such as infection, hormonal changes and even some medications. She recommended a range of treatments to treat this condition. Topical and oral medication can be used while Botox injections can temporarily block the nerves that trigger sweat glands. There are even surgical procedures that will interrupt nerve signals or remove selected sweat glands.Uneven breasts?Non-symmetrical breasts are a common problem among women – in the same way one foot can be bigger than the other. Unless a woman has undergone surgery, no two breasts are the same size. “Size differences can be exacerbated by breast feeding and weight fluctuations,” said Dr Tuncay. “But to be safe it is not indicative of something more serious, consult your primary care physician or gynaecologist.”Hairy face?Unwanted facial hair affects millions of women – whether it grows on the upper lip, chin or elsewhere away from the face. It is especially noticeable in women with darker hair and skin tones. Dr Tuncay said: “In most cases the condition is hereditary. However, there may be a medical cause for hirsutism such as ovarian syndrome which stimulates hormones such as testosterone. It could also be caused by certain medications and even certain tumours.” This condition is treatable through oral medication or even laser treatments.