03 June 2013

bikini lineA huge increase in demand for laser hair removal treatments has been reported right across the seven territories of the United Arab Emirates. Website notes that hair removal has become an essential element for helping many of the territories' fashion-conscious young people keep up with fashion trends. But it is also being seen as a necessary part of a hygiene regime for many as they try to mitigate the effects of living and working in the high temperatures for which the Emirates are well known, the report noted."Razors, threading, waxing and epilators weve all gone through nicks and bumps, blotchy redness, irritated skin, and painful hair-removing experiences at the salon or during self-care attempts at home," it continued. This is why laser hair removal is becoming increasingly popular, it said. "Lasers allow precision, which means it can be specifically directed on dark, thick hair, leaving its surrounding area undamaged. Plus, the speed at which it works is amazing," the report also noted. It also said that, with some procedures taking as little as 10 minutes, and lasers' ability to achieve incredibly precise results, word is spreading that treatments are easy and creams and cooling gels are widely used to help minimise any pain.