12 April 2012

Lucy Pargeter, best known for her role as feisty brunette Chas Dingle in ITV's Emmerdale, has admitted that she's always been comfortable with people knowing that she's had cosmetic surgery. The 35-year-old, who so far has had two boob jobs, liposuction and Botox to enhance her looks, told the Daily Mail newspaper that she was happy to be open and honest when it came to cosmetic procedures.She said: "It used to be a real taboo admitting you'd had things done but I never felt that. I've always been very open about what Ive had and why I've done it. "The way I see it, if I want to have my boobs done or have a bit of lipo, I will do. Its no one else's business really," she added. But despite going to a cosmetic surgeon to improve her appearance, Lucy says she still doesn't like seeing herself on screen. She said: "I cant bear to watch myself in HD. You can see every line and wrinkle. That isnt something any woman would enjoy. Like most actors I spend most of my time going through extreme emotions and all that drama plays havoc with your face."