Emmy-nominated actresses surrounded by cosmetic surgery rumours

19 July 2011

Actress on the red carpetThe deadline for entering this year’s Emmy Awards has passed and with the announcement of nominations came a flurry of cosmetic surgery rumours. The impressive list of nominees for this year’s awards includes star of Mad Men Christina Hendricks, Saturday Night Live’s Kristen Wilig, and mistress of comedy Julie Bowen. Hendricks has inspired a generation of women to embrace their curves and boosted the number of women enquiring about breast enlargement surgery, but she has also been the subject of rumours that she has had breast implants herself. The curvy red-head strongly denies this and supposed before and after images could just has easily show a gain in overall body weight as it could a boob job.Kristen Wilig was rumoured to have had a nose job in 2008, which changed the shape of the tip of her nose. A few years later she appeared looking red faced and swollen, sparking yet more rumours that she had undergone cosmetic surgery to the face. Julie Bowen, 41, is thought to have had breast implants after pictures of her looking very gaunt caused a cosmetic surgeon, Dr Michael Salzhauer, to comment that “Julie Bowen definitely looks like she had a breast augmentation revealed by the wide gap between her cleavage”.