28 March 2013

Woman with wrinkle free faceAn expert has offered advice on the care required before and after people have plastic surgery. Allison Ellison, a registered nurse and expert in plastic injectables who works in the US, explained the post-operative treatments people receive can be “really important in improving the recovery time following a procedure”.She said many patients experience redness and swelling following a procedure, and lymphatic drainage can help to draw the swelling away from a certain area of the body. Alternatively, LEDs can be used to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, which encourages the body to produce more collagen – something that is essential to help the skin heal and achieve a fuller look. Mrs Ellison also recommended scar gels, which can be used to soften scar tissues and reduce redness, while skin peels can be used six to eight weeks into the recovery period to help resurface the skin. “Plastic surgeons who are up-to-date with current face rejuvenation techniques would be recommending post-operative treatments,” the expert concluded.