15 January 2009

A hair salon in Westcliff, Essex has hired a cosmetic surgery star as a new beautician in their business. Sarah Burge has undergone more than 200,000 worth of cosmetic surgery - making her an expert on the beauty business. Now the 49-year-old is expected to join the staff at Saint Hair and Beauty Salon as a part-time beautician later this month.The owner of the Essex salon, Garrii Bailey, told the Billericay Weekly News: "She will be here once a month to begin with and then it will become more regular. "I can't wait for her to start work here." Her stint at the salon will be documented as part of a TV show about the former Playboy bunny's life. Burge is a mother of three, and claims to hold the world record for the most cosmetic surgery. She has undergone more than 100 procedures since she first had her ears pinned at the age of seven. Since then, her procedures have included breast surgery, tummy tucks, chemical peels, face lifts and a thigh lift. Burge has also had numerous non-surgical treatments, earning the nickname "Botox Barbie". She has previously said of her cosmetic surgery treatments: "It's addictive - you find yourself wondering what you can have done next? It's not that I'm unhappy with the way I look. I've been confident about my appearance. That's why I want to keep my body and face as they are. All the work I've had done has been to stop the aging process."