31 January 2014

Woman holding magnifying glass to skinMany of us just can't get enough of the sun and although at this time of year, that has to be far more preferable than our interminable greyness, American health professionals are again reinforcing the potential risks of even moderate sun exposure. HealthNewsDigest.com reports: "Although we are unable to see this powerful light [the sun], the consequences can negatively impact [our] health and looks."It says that, even after taking regular precautions such as wearing sun protection, ultra-violet light still causes widespread premature ageing. The article focuses on non-surgical treatments to help mitigate the effects of this, and advocates in particular a range of Skin Resurfacing treatments, such as Laser treatments, Medical Microdermabrasion and Skin Peels. "Skin resurfacing treatments can be combined with other procedures, such as a Face or Neck Lift, to provide patients with optimal results," it reports. Dermal Fillers are also recommended as "a temporary fix that, when repeated, can benefit a patient for longer periods of time". With numerous treatments available on the market, there is one to suit virtually any area of the face, the article notes.